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    15 Apr

  1. Draag een sjaal

    Als het buiten nog fris is. Ook als je geen jas over je tweedje draagt. En het is vandaag dinsdag. En morgen is het woensdag. Ja, ik denk, ik zeg het maar even. More scarfology, here, there, and everywhere, in many different places.


    Edmondo di Robilant

    (Source: Flickr / stmoritzartmasters-media)

  2. 15 Apr

  3. Niet zo makkelijk: dasjes en boordjes

    Asymmetrisch knoopje, een beetje scheef gedragen, mét een pisgoot onder een niet te stijf boordje. Een beetje sleets, een tikkeltje verwassen, zonder boordbaleinen en andere toestanden. Nee, nee, zo’n deftige compositie in textiel is niet makkelijk, vraag Luca maar. Of Gianni. Of Ralphie en dé Beau. Of Govert van Tets,hierboven te bewonderen in z’n beste ‘who, me?’ pose tijdens een sessie van parlementare enquetecommissie bouwsubsidies, september 1987. Gekiekt door Rob Bogaerts, uit het Nationaal Archief.

    suit and tie collar and tie govert van tets 1987

  4. 10 Apr

  5. Pale Fire

    I was the shadow of the waxwing slain

    By the false azure in the window pane

    Though there is no dead wildlife, an interior design section (a.k.a. lifestyle porn) nor literary genius on this blog, there are summer ‘air ties' - try at your own risk - cotton and linen - much easier and safer things - GQ fashion spreads from January 1989 with nebulose titles (via)

    vladimir nabokov pale fire 1989 linen cotton sunglasses gq

  6. 7 Apr

  7. Yuppie Scum Monday: Tad’s Energy

    You tell her what a good guy Tad is. You like his energy and his style-joie de vivre, je ne sais quoi, savoir-faire, sprezzatura. You are nearly sincere. Having a cousin like Vicky tips the scales in his favor. You are inclined to cut him some slack. Not necessarily the man for a heart-to-heart, but indispensable in a party situation. You tell her that Tad has been a good friend in time of need. If not exactly sensitive, then generous in his own careless way. “Are you two very close,” you ask. ”I think he’s an ass,” she says.

    From Jay McInerney’s 1984 novel Bright Lights, Big City, which was made into a feature film in 1988 starring Alex P. Keaton Marty McFly Michael J. Fox and Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland as Tad, as two yuppie degenerates (pleonasm, I know). Grant Carradine photographed for Burberrys’ for Bloomingdale’s from 1990 (via) looks scarily similar to Tad, so I figured I’d drop a little quote, ter lering ende vermaeck. 

    jay mcinerney burberrys' print ad 1990 1984 bright lights big city yuppie scum monday

  8. 6 Apr

  9. Hipster shit #5: My Condolences

    Could it be true? Could it be real?

    Beard transplants killed the Hipster

    By John Kass, February 2014, in the Chicago Tribune

    The Hipster is dead

    You must have seen this iconic American type, with his big glasses, scruffy beard and brightly colored skinny pants. But he’s no more.

    He was killed off on the pages of the New York Post the other day.

    His demise occurred in Brooklyn, described by the Post as the official hub of the “lumberjack-meets-roadie hybrid,” and the cause of death was no mystery.

    A beard transplant got him.

    Yes, young men who wanted to look like hipsters but couldn’t grow full beards began asking plastic surgeons to supply the follicles from elsewhere on the body.

    Such a move, even at the modest cost of about $8,500, does not bespeak a lifestyle. It does not bespeak a trend. It speaks of sculpting. And sculpting is the antithesis of the hipster ethos. Hippies died the same way in 1967. The rest was costume.

    R.I.P. (…)

    Read the whole piece here.


    Princess Caroline of Monaco and Robertino Rossellini in Paris, 1981.

    robertino rossellini princess caroline of monaco 1981 hipster shit beard beards facial hair john kass