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    8 Sep

  1. Frayed edges.

    The (English) upperclass likes to wear its clothes hard. And hates shopping, so its members (both male and female) rarely replace pieces of clothing when they start showing signs of wear and tear. Moth holes, pilling, tearing and fraying are phenomena that are embraced. Think of it as ‘patina’. You can see some of  this patina displayed above by the attire of Michael of Kent. 

    In fact, they will actually insist on keeping their old garb in rotation because new, trendy and shiny rags are the hallmark of the parvenu. When the edges of sleeves and collars, the seat and knees of trousers and elbows of tweed jackets are frayed beyond what could be considered ‘quaint’… they are repaired, patched or mended. 

    PS. I consider Michael the ultimate Tom Ford man, even though he probably does not own one TF piece. The double breasted suits are made by Anderson&Sheppard, his French cuffed shirts with their big, seventies style collars are made at Turnbull&Asser and his Kipper ties (originally designed and popularized by Michael Fish) are by T&A as well. Michael uses a simple four in hand knot and does not dimple his tie. 

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