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    15 Oct

  1. Same shit, different day

    The beauty of uniformity and simplicity. I have a little single topic tumblr dedicated to a specific kind of uniform worn by a specific kind of people, but the notion of donning a uniform to convey a signature style is not limited to the Italian (business) ‘elites’. The most well known example is of course Steve Jobs, but others did the personal uniform before him: Johnny Cash comes to mind, as well as Albert Einstein. Some say Jobs tried to emulate the latter. But an example I especially like is the French philosopher and public intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy, a.k.a. BHL. In his own words:


    I have worn the same white shirts, the same person has made my jackets, for thirty years. I get older, but I have the same size hair. I am a man of habits.


    How long have you had your logo of a white unbuttoned shirt with a dark suit and no tie?

    Always. Since Always.

    How did it start?

    Always, I say. Therefore no beginning. By definition, no beginning.

    How has it evolved over time?

    It has not evolved. I believe that time stands still.

    What statement does your look make about you and your work?

    This logo is the simplest it can be. Don’t you think? I don’t understand why it poses a problem. I do not even comprehend why it is being commented on. And I do not see what it says, at a profound level, about me.

    Click the pictures to enlarge them. Note the Capri collars on the shirts (one piece shirt collars lacking top button), even if he wanted to he could not button up. 
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