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    5 Nov

  1. I don’t like to promote brands or brand name products by naming them explicitly on this blog but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. When a brand name product becomes so successful, it is possible that brand name becomes synomous with an object/thing. Examples are martini (vermouth), a barbour (wax coat) topys (rubber soles), ipad (tablet computer), a burberry (trenchcoat or raincoat) and subject of this post’s video: gucci’s (bit loafers). All spelled with lower case first letter because the word refers to a product class rather than a brand. But I digress, let’s get back to the video… a pair of leather soled Gucci bit loafers with apron toe is polished in a way that is reminisant of the infamous GarraStyle shoe shine. If you ever want to buy a pair, buy it in black. Why black? Because other styles are a little bit less salonfähig. The same reason you only buy olive green Barbour coats and green Wellies. A classic case of ‘Waarom? Altijd zo geweescht’. And wear it sans socks!

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