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    24 Dec

  1. A curated life

    I dislike fervour and enthusiasm. I do not like noise. Very often, I remain silent, for silence has it’s own dignity. I listen for the nuances that stir behind the Babylon of general conversation. I relish comfort, style and luxury. I dislike men whose socks are so short that when they cross their legs, they expose flesh. I dislike men who do not wear white shirts in the evening. Many such things I dislike. I do not mind being distanced from the world. You could say that I prefer it. I am protected from the outside world, and this will not change. My senses are acutely tuned to objects d’art that I have collected and with which I live. My great pleasure is to see such objects in the great museums and the houses of other collectors.

    -Alexis von Rosenberg

    alexis von rosenberg baron de redé curation milstil