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    8 Jan

  1. Natural selection

    Matilde Borromeo & Antonius von Fürstenberg at a random society event. Antonius is wearing what appears to be a camel polo coat sans the ‘obligiatory’ mailbox pockets but with more ‘commonplace’ flap pockets instead. The ghillie collar of the coat is worn turned up, the coat is unbuttoned so that the go-go 1980s power tie is on full display. A kind of tie you just don’t see anymore these days. But I digress, back on topic; for some obscure reason the ‘camel coat’ has made a comeback and are a fashionable piece of outerwear for both men and women, you can find covert coats, British Warms, various Chesterfield models, polo coats and even more half-breeds of aformentioned overcoat styles out there. Seasoned iGents know that ‘round this time of year Pitti Uomo photoposts will hit the #menswear blogosphere carpet bombing style, I expect to see a lot of ‘camel coat’ mutations and other beige half breeds dreamed up by ignorant but courageous enthousiasts who think they can improve on the classics. Clever dressers will try to avoid these camel mutations, Mother Nature has a tendency to kill the vast majority of mutations off in just one generation, fashion kills them even faster. Don’t be victim, make sure your camel coat is a purebred.


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