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    17 Jan

  1. Tweed à Skibbereen

    The best, and most likely the most enduring, trend in current menswear is definitely roll neck sweaters. In more subtle hues they are relatively unassuming and easy to pair with just about anything, and easy to iron too! Qualities I like in clothes. And did I mention that der Benno liked ‘em, and Ralph L. as well? So hey, if it is good enough for them… Get a good quality merino (skip the cheap stuff and go for Smedley, Gran Sasso, Zanone or -fill in the blank-) or a fine cashmere. The latter is appreciated by girl- and boyfriends worldwide, #menswear geeks and especially by Tineola bisselliella, the greatest connaisseur of all.

    Wear it with herringbone tweed or gun club tweed as seen above in the scan from L’Officiel Hommes from 1981. Dress down a suit with a (dark) roll neck. Fancy yourself a creative type? Wear a black turtleneck on a pair of dark trousers. Gym rat? Size down and show off your physique. Or maybe you are a self-appointed ‘writer’? Then pair the high collared sweater with a blazer for that literary touch.

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