milstil: Riding towards your death? Why not do in style. ...

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    17 Jan

  1. Riding towards your death? Why not do in style.

    Bam, the opening scene from David Lean’s epic Lawrence of Arabia (1962), a movie that looks so good, you can freeze it at any moment, print the still, frame it and hang it on your wall. We can thank legendary cinematographer Freddie Young for that. Even the opening credits look good, and did you see how the ventless, drape cut, flanel suit ‘hugs’ Peter O’Toole's shouders and back? The British Racing Green funsocks, the polished brown oxford shoes (@1:27)? The way Peter err T.E. Lawrence dressed down that flanel double breasted suit with a grey roll neck sweater? Relaxed elegance and reckless behaviour never looked so good. Ever! Make sure to watch it in HD & full screen.

    green grey roll neck roll neck sweater flanel double breasted lawrence of arabia peter o'toole dressing down motorcycle milstil