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    15 Mar

  1. Italo-prep

    American preppies have their obnoxious ribbon belts, usually in some ‘go-to-hell’ colour and pattern - and Italian men of certain stipe have their (navy) blue canvas/cotton sports belts. I suppose it is no suprise that I prefer the latter when it comes to dress down, non leather belts. The Italo-prep belt comes in various styles: Gianni Agnelli, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Diego Della Valle & Matteo Cordero di Montezemolo wear a heavy duty, utility ‘greca’ style canvas (nylon?) belt, John & Alain Elkann and Nicola Porro wear double d-ring sport belts, while Massimo Listri and Pierre Casiraghi opt for more traditional leather-canvas hybrids. Click the pictures to enlarge, pictures via, and

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