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    5 Apr

  1. Louche mixing

    Classic menswear is very much about ‘rules’ and stuffy codes and Arthur Valerian Wellesley throws ‘em all out of the window. Against all expectations, the result is actually quite wonderful, despite all the affectations he looks ‘right’ in this get-up, he ‘wears it well’. But keep in mind that the Duke relies on home advantage, on your own turf anything goes.

    The cotton trousers, in some sort of naples yellow hue, and the herringbone tweed coat with yellow-blue windowpane check form a conventional, more or less classic frame, but the the duke’s other choices are rather idiosyncratic. The dark penny loafers worn with a countrified outfit, the deliberate belt-shoes mixmatch, the uncoordinated red pocket square, his tie - both tucked in the waistband of his trousers and clipped with a safety pin, the spread collar dress shirt with flapped breast pockets. English eccentricity - the right way. Click on the pictures to enlarge them, pictures by Allan Warren

    arthur valerian wellesley 8th duke of wellington allan warren tweed country style tie clip penny loafers 1986