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    22 Apr

  1. Agnelli’s prewar cuff sprezz

    The price of perfection - you in invest a lot time, energy and money to get your jacket and shirt sleeve at perfect iGent approved length - and you can no longer do the first documented piece of sprezzatura of Gianni Agnelli. Top photos (uploaded to noveporte by carpu65) of l’Avvocato as an eighteen year-old, date from before World War II and show him wearing a drape cut suit with full cut trousers and ‘faux turnback cuffs’ worn over the sleeves of the coat of his suit. Astaire used a similar trick for while when wearing blazers and tweeds - and of course a certain Ralph L. took notice, as seen (look for it!) in the crowd at the U.S Open. Other notable examples: king of playboys and of summer resort style, Gunter Sachs, Dieter Meier and Richard AvedonClick on the pictures to enlarge. 


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