milstil: Great summersuits I: Agnelli’s wool ‘solaro’ suit ...

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    12 Jun

  1. Great summersuits I: Agnelli’s wool ‘solaro’ suit

    Because you can never have too much of a good thing - sets of pictures of great summer suits. Most #menswear geeks will already know and love the sometimes-navy-but-more-often-beige-with-reddish-glow wool  because it satisfies all basic requirements of self appointed fine clothing connoisseurs: [x] relatively difficult to procure [x] ‘bespoken’ snob appeal [x] vintage feel or archaic charm [x] Agnelli wore it [x] Agnelli wore it [x] dude, Agnelli wore it. And that is pretty much how the Italian menswear game works Italians (and their tailors) emulate Gianni Agnelli and menswear enthusiasts try to dress like Italian tailors. Pictures via, click to enlarge.

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