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    15 Jun

  1. Up to his old tricks

    American designer and real life Jay Gatsby, Ralph Lauren showing off one his toys at the Villa d’Este auto show three weeks ago. Billionaires need hobbies and since RL does not sink his fortune into collecting art, he puts into an impressive fleet of true size, antique dinky toys (2,3,4,5). But enough about Ralph’s wheels, this is a highly irrelevant blog about clothes. As usual Ralph dresses sharp, understated and louche all at the same time - a mode of dressing milstil’s Stijlprins Bernhard was alsno known for. (click here for video - zie ‘em pronken!) As a matter of fact Ralph and der Benno share a preference for turtlenecks, bitloafers, aviator (sun)glasses and Ferrari’s. Another remarkable similarity is that both guys are/were in great shape all their life, a product of an acute and all overriding concern over their appearance? A concern that never diminished with age - the mark of the ‘elegant’ man or an elegant illusion conjured up by a quintessential narcissist

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