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    27 Jun

  1. Coat-as-a-cape?

    Dutch treat, Dutch picnic, Dutch courage, Dutch metal, Dutch concert, Dutch construction… a rare piece of practical, money saving advice from your beloved Dutch uncle CdG on the coming fad of capes for men… really? If not, I’m a Dutchman. We saw them worn on the runway by the conscripts of Dior Homme last winter. And the highly peculiar fad of oversized scarves for men - ‘shawls’ - seen at a certain menswear trade show in Florence and at the periphery of runway shows in Milano, Paris and London, will probably ‘evolve’ into a proper cape trend coming winter. Although very, very obscure and archaic, capes have always been part of classic #menswear, as a piece of Continental countrywearas a little ‘extra’ for a loden coat, as a piece of silk outerwear to worn with white tie, as a traditional rain cape or poncho for soldiers and hunters, and as quaint Venetian costume. Like most fashions the little-red-riding-hood-vogue is doomed to disappear as quick as popped up, so one should avoid buying into it. But sensible and spendthrift style enthusiasts (oxymoron of the day?) can still jump the bandwagon and jew out, fare dodge Dutch out by wearin’ their beloved double breasted coats and rainmacs as-a-cape. Hey GA, YSL and PB were misers too.

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