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    21 Jul

  1. The dirty old man’s other pop over shirt

    I am willing to bet good money that just about everyone who reads this knows the picture of Agnelli, in that white ‘pop over’, and Jackie Kennedy strolling along in Capri. Just about every brand and shirtmaker selling pop over - polo camicia shirts (essentially a long sleeve tennis shirt with button cuffs) used the picture in their advertising. And don’t get me started on the bloggers - especially that hacky yours truly. Like Steve McQueen, Agnelli is one of the most (ab)used icons in the peddling of premium menswear. Show a picture of Agnelli wearing a certain item - suggest he patronized a brand or product and the item is instantly transformed into a talisman of good taste. In many ways most Agnelli posts on milstil are like this, but I like to think we study the ‘total concept’ of Agnelli dressing, which in many ways very Brummellian. You know, easy, practical, understated (to the point of uniform) yet personal, classic without the archaic cosplay elements etc. etc. So why should we care of the picture set above of L’Avvocato at the Vinovo in denim, navy button down pop over and signature suede hiking boots? Well, I dunno. It looks right. Which reminds me of an quote from NYT article on Michael Gross’  unauthorized RL biography Genuine Authentic:

    When a picture of Igor Stravinsky was placed in one of the furiously set-decorated homes of Ralph Lauren, it turned out that Mr. Lauren could not identify him, according to Michael Gross’s deep-dish, catty new biography, a beach book even if it happens to be January. “It doesn’t matter who it was,” Mr. Lauren apparently said. “The look, I love.”

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