milstil: I don’t always post stuff about Prince Charles… …...

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    21 Sep

  1. I don’t always post stuff about Prince Charles…

    … (mainly because I find his style to be a little bit too frivolous. I-am-a-Philip-kinda-guy.) But I do when I see pics like this. Here we see the oldest crown prince in post medieval times (beating William IV of the Netherlands who had dubious honour of being the oldest heir in history before Charles). He is wearing the civilian uniform (+ a very handsome double breasted overcoat) of the Guards Officers, that quintessential (cliche I know) English look everybody (general populous, not just on- and offline clotheshorses) thinks of when you say ‘think of an English gentleman’. More pictures here.

    (Source: thebritishnobility)

    prince charles umbrella guards officiers bowler hat double breasted outerwear english look milstil