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    16 Jan

  1. Random eighties vibes

    You know I love them. With a little update, still very, very enjoyable. Like these fashion pictures of prominent 1980s male model Daryl Janney (via). All I desire. Temptation. Keep climbing higher and higher. Temptation. Adorable creatures. Temptation. With unacceptable features. Temptation. Trouble is coming. Temptation. It’s just the high cost of loving. Temptation. You can take it or leave it. Temptation. But you’d better believe it.

    daryl janney print ad 1980s ton sur ton 1986 heaven 17 temptation milstil

  2. 21 Dec

  3. Een kus zonder snor…

    The unironically worn, soigné mustache, it was acceptable in the eighties. GQ covers from the 1980s. Click to enlarge.

    beard facial hair mustache kevin kline jeremy irons gq 1980s gq covers marcello mastroianni tweed milstil

  4. 11 Nov

  5. milstil:

    New York Magazine Mens Fashions for fall/winter 1986.

    (via viezevuilevaurien)

    duke of windsor alan flusser duffle coat yuppie new york magazine 1980s tyrone power david niven william holden ernest hemingway sean connery

  6. 28 Oct

  7. Informel week-end à Deauville. Lanvin, 1981. BTW: I hate the waistcoats here. Wear a V-neck sweater or a cardigan instead, you’ll get more milage out them.

    1980s 1981 corduroy l'officiel hommes lanvin tweed weekend country attire counry look milstil

  8. 26 Oct

  9. armani giorgio armani 1980s milstil