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    10 Apr

  1. Pale Fire

    I was the shadow of the waxwing slain

    By the false azure in the window pane

    Though there is no dead wildlife, an interior design section (a.k.a. lifestyle porn) nor literary genius on this blog, there are summer ‘air ties' - try at your own risk - cotton and linen - much easier and safer things - GQ fashion spreads from January 1989 with nebulose titles (via)

    vladimir nabokov pale fire 1989 linen cotton sunglasses gq

  2. 4 Jan

  3. l’AGA-video #2: Simple shit is simple

    In the old days kings and (merchant) princes arrived by horse carriage. In modern times they are choppered in. Really, they are. Are you a prince or do you fashion yourself one? Dress up the entrance, dress down the clothes. Case in point above: chino, green long sleeved tennis shirt and suede hiking boots. Gianni Agnelli at Palazzo Te, Mantova. Summer 1989.

    casual getting choppered in giovanni agnelli gianni agnelli 1989 mantova palazzo te milstil

  4. 1 Oct

  5. Man: the true picture.

    They ain’t kiddin’. Why is this print ad for Krizia Uomo from 1989 (picture by Giovanni Gastel) so good? Because it makes you think of this picture of Gary Cooper, from good old doctormacro, the place where you came for good (i.e. big) scans of pictures of dead filmstars before all (re)blogging. 

    krizia uomo 1989 giovanni gastel gary cooper doctormacro tweed milstil

  6. 29 Sep

  7. Clean wrists  \ ’klēn ‘rists \

    1. “An automutilator’s term which means you haven’t cut in a while, so your wrists are cut-free.” 

    2. “A clotheshorse’s unadorned wrists, because he is not a hippie” 

    Cropped print ad for Chanel pour Homme from 1989. Like this oldie, good stuff

    clean wrists print ad 1989 chanel pour homme milstil

  8. 22 Sep

  9. Because all good things come in threes

    No further explanation needed, and hey it’s a lazy sunday after all. From the May/June 2008 issue L’uomo Vogue, reprint of the picture by Giuseppe Pino that was originally used as the cover of the 198th issue of L’uomo vogue in 1989. 


    l'uomo vogue gianni agnelli giovanni agnelli giuseppe pino 1989 kent double breasted conservative business dress milstil