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    6 Apr

  1. Random scarf

    Larry David: ‘It looks slightly affected?

    l'officiel hommes 1987 scarf breton sweater scarves chunky sweater knitwear

  2. 6 Apr

  3. Weekend shetland

    Should the colour of your socks match your shoes or your trousers? Should you wear the shirt collar inside or outside of your sweater? There are many questions in #menswear that have no right ans… ahum nee, that is not true of course. When in doubt always, always, always defer to milstil, arbiter elegantiarum - nec pluribus impar, who has decreed by divine right no less, that out is the only way. Click on the pictures to enlarge them, pictures by Allan Warren. 

    ralph percy duke of northumberland altijd zo gewoon gebleven shetland sweater chunky sweater knitwear

  4. 23 Feb

  5. The patriarch

    Chunky crewneck Shetland sweaters for ageing rakes


    gianni agnelli knitwear sweater chunky sweater shetland sweater

  6. 23 Feb

  7. Weekend denims & crewnecks

    Spot the differences. David Somerset and Gianni Agnelli. 

    Pictures via and

    david somerset gianni agnelli jeans denim knitwear sweater chunky sweater crewneck david robert somerset

  8. 16 Nov

  9. The big chunky cardigan, ease and comfort by the knitwear maniacs of Missoni, 1992.

    chunky sweater sweater knitwear missoni 1992