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    29 Dec

  1. When layering goes too far

    It will be no suprise that I like the understated fall colour scheme and mix of rustic textures shown on the picture above; gabardine cotton trenchcoat that appears sage green on my screen (that that rhymes) burnt orange wool polo neck sweater, faded grey flannel trousers… yummy yet I get the feel the stylists that came up with this look were not aware of the dicta attributed to Coco Chanel:  “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” & “Less is always more.” I find the visual overkill of collars and ascot is a bit farcical. The Burberry Look, print ad for Burberrys’, 1982.

    country attire weekend style layering hats burberry burberrys ascot flanel burnt orange milstil

  2. 28 Dec

  3. L’échappée beige. Fall/winterwear suggestions for december 2012 from the beige frontrunners of L’Officiel Hommes, 1982. Click to enlarge.

    casual country attire beige l'officiel hommes

  4. 18 Nov

  5. Relax in campagna, weekend style according to L’Uomo Vogue, 1992

    country attire country look l'uomo vogue outerwear roll neck sweater scarf wellies 1992

  6. 8 Nov

  7. Ruby Wax visits Cordings of Piccadilly as part of the Brilliant Britain series and talks to Noll Uloth about how to dress like a ‘perfect British gentleman’ (‘perfect’ or ‘true’ or ‘real gentlemen’ don’t exist Ed.) They take a closer look at Cordings’ colourful range of wale cord trousers, a riding mac and a hacking jacket. 

    cordings country attire ruby wax noll uloth piccadilly

  8. 28 Oct

  9. Wax jackets are the ultimate weekend wear. Italian Portraits Video Interview: Giovanni Mazzei. 

    barbour barbour beaufort country attire country look wax jacket weekend outerwear milstil