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    22 Apr

  1. ralphlipschitz:

    White Party

    1) A party in which all participants wear white. I used to think that a white party was meant only for white people but I learned that the “white” means that only white apparel and clothes are to be worn.

    [example] “At our white party some ghetto fuck walked in wearing ghetto ass clothes that where not white… so we kicked his ghetto ass out.”
    Via Urban Dictionary, pictures via Hanover CharitiesFebruary 15, 2014 - Sugar Cane Ball - Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball.
    nehru dinner jacket prince michael of kent ralph lauren ricky lauren michael of kent black tie dinner jacket

  2. 16 Mar

  3. No shoes - No shirt - No service
    A rule mostly encountered in shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the United Oh-my-Gawwwds of America. Where if you have no shoes, no shirt, you will NOT get service. Unless you’re a hot chick of course. Could a French milliardaire (pseudo?)-philosophe be another exception? Or could it just be a ridicoulous question that is supposed to function as the lead-in (bruggetje) to the actual topic, the four photos posted? Mmm. Now I am to much of a square and a prude to ever begin to understand why a jacket or suit worn totally 'commando' is considered to be attractive on man. And to make matters worse I am also a terrible hypocrite because I enjoy the (so would say: douchey) 60s Côte d’Azur playboy- 70s disco shirt contrivances which produce the same effect when worn with a jacket in summer. Time to consult a psychologist? Most likely. However, conspicous consumption is cheaper and less confrontational so I think I will probably try to find a Mandarin jacket as seen in the third photo - to wear with old ripped denim and suede chukka’s. And maybe acquire (another) white pop-over or (another) white summer shirt with Capri collar to combine with my thrifted bespoke Domhoff tuxedo jacket from 1934 (not unlike the unit in second picture) - to wear with faded ripped denim and a pair of suede chukka boots. Finally, depending on depth of the crater in my account, perhaps burn more cash on an utterly useless ‘summer scarf’ to pair with a field jacket - in order to wear it with faded… eh you get the idea. Pictures of BHL by Milan Vukmirovic, which appeared in issue 11 of Purple Magazine. Click to enlarge.
    bhl field jacket mandarin jacket dinner jacket scarf milan vukmirovic casual denim bernard-henri lévy Bernard-Henri Levy milstil

  4. 2 Jan

  5. Post holiday bargain hunt

    Lazy day, lazy picture post. Traditional outerwear for black tie and your daily fix of aspirational brand names. Des cadeaux par milliers, L’officiel hommes, 1978. 

    black tie dinner jacket outerwear scarf l'officiel hommes 1978 milstil

  6. 27 Nov

  7. When the girls dress like the boys #ilostcount. Maïwenn, actress, director and also the new face of the Chanel 2012/13 Fall-Winter eyewear collection discusses all things Chanel in her life. I think I am in love.

    approriation maïwenn smoking jacket chanel dinner jacket tuxedo jacket

  8. 12 Nov

  9. When the girls dress like the boys. Print ad for Polo Ralph Lauren, 1989.

    1989 approriation dinner jacket evening clothes ralph lauren tuxedo androgyny