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    8 Dec

  1. Mmm, kinda fresh outside, what to wear? My off white ‘Agnelli’ parka or my blue ‘Paddington’ duffle coat?

    outerwear duffle coat prince bernhard weekend style

  2. 1 Dec

  3. Duffle coats make for perfect weekend outerwear. The coat has military roots so it is cut to be comfortable, cut to move in. Made to be worn over several layers of clothing.

    prince bernhard duffle coat outerwear

  4. 11 Nov

  5. milstil:

    New York Magazine Mens Fashions for fall/winter 1986.

    (via viezevuilevaurien)

    duke of windsor alan flusser duffle coat yuppie new york magazine 1980s tyrone power david niven william holden ernest hemingway sean connery

  6. 28 Oct

  7. I made some remarks about duffle coats and ‘antifit’ earlier… and forgot posting pics of my first sartorial idol  Prince Bernhard *sigh* and milstil’s favorite subject donning Paddington Bear’s preferred piece of outerwear. Shame on me. Shame. On. Me. Click to enlarge.

    antifit duffle coat monty coat prince bernhard outerwear milstil

  8. 26 Oct

  9. ^^ See? Ralph understands antifit. Click to enlarge.

    antifit duffle coat outerwear ralph lauren roll neck legion d'honneur milstil