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    7 Oct

  1. Yuppie scum monday: autumn ‘83

    Because it’s been too long. Ask yourself the question: what does fall 1983’s business wear mean to you and your career? And try to appreciate ‘the balance struck between timeliness and timelessness’. Whatever that might be. Reading editorial like this always makes we wonder how much drugs the poor souls forced to write this stuff are on. How many trips to the loo to fill the two introductory columns? From GQ september 1983. Scans via.

    yuppie scum monday gq 1983 suit and tie

  2. 10 Apr

  3. Pale Fire

    I was the shadow of the waxwing slain

    By the false azure in the window pane

    Though there is no dead wildlife, an interior design section (a.k.a. lifestyle porn) nor literary genius on this blog, there are summer ‘air ties' - try at your own risk - cotton and linen - much easier and safer things - GQ fashion spreads from January 1989 with nebulose titles (via)

    vladimir nabokov pale fire 1989 linen cotton sunglasses gq

  4. 12 Oct

  5. Another one.

    Again from ‘82. A loud Russell plaid from the pages of GQ magazine. 

    1982 tweed gq russell plad milstil

  6. 21 Dec

  7. Een kus zonder snor…

    The unironically worn, soigné mustache, it was acceptable in the eighties. GQ covers from the 1980s. Click to enlarge.

    beard facial hair mustache kevin kline jeremy irons gq 1980s gq covers marcello mastroianni tweed milstil

  8. 15 Dec

  9. 'True Brit' - English country style through the eyes of foreigners, the holy grail of elegant leisure style. Or weekend style, whatever you wanna call it. This is an American GQ editorial from fall 1987, photography by American fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, clothes by Calvin Klein, Byblos, Chanel, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and others. Relatively few bona fide Brit brands, but more labels that try to be more British than the British themselves. It passes the point where it is stereotype - imitation - emulation, at some point evil minds might  consider it to be parody at best, but as we know fashion is capable of pushing concepts and ideas to extremes. Often they tend to take it so far over the top, that the style becomes something else entirely and at that point a label or designer makes it his own. —- An amusing example are the comments made on the clothes worn by English Royals; for instance, upon seeing paparazzi photos of Prince William and Kate taking a walk on one the estates of the Windsor family, American fashion journalists commented that “it looked very chic and very Ralph Lauren”. LOL. Click to enlarge.

    country style gq ralph lauren weekend style 1987