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    27 Feb

  1. Lazy and work-shy in general II


    Fernandino Brachetti Peretti

    Remember boys and girls, only lazy bloggers recycle and repost old stuff. From II&IS, March 2012.

    lazy post ferdinando brachetti peretti box check button down shirt knit tie milstil

  2. 2 Jan

  3. Politically correct twenty-fourteen.

    People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs. - Alexei Sayle

    Lazy day, lazy picture post. Just a scan from a fur feature in L’officiel hommes from the good ol’ seventies.

    l'officiel hommes 1978 fur coat as a cape knit tie monochrome fur collar milstil

  4. 25 Jan

  5. L’Italie élégante à Paris.

    Friday tweed. Print ad for Ermenegilde Zegna, 1981.

    ermenegildo zegna fashion illustration 1981 print ad knit tie friday casual milstil

  6. 10 Jan

  7. "Milstil. Une certaine conception de l’élégance."  I like the ring of that phrase, maybe I should ‘borrow’ it, make it the subtitle of this tumblr. A bit pretentious, a slight touch of cruelty, full of conceit, yeah that’s me! Print ad for Bril Paris from 1978.

    1978 chalkstripe flannel glasses knit tie narcissism outerwear vanity milstil

  8. 3 Jan

  9. Never grow up - the shabby public schoolboy chic of British artist David Hockney. I am quite jealous of the nonchalant ‘haircut’. Hockney never changed it, and it gives his apprearence that instant recognizability, very useful in an age where everyone is more or less forced to brand him or herself on the various social media platforms. Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s ponytail, fashion editor Anna Wintour’s bobline and London mayor Boris Johnson’s wild locks have a similar quality. Click on the images to enlarge them.

    david hockney hair haircut knit tie personal branding glasses milstil