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    17 Mar

  1. Yuppie scum monday: the cooking class edition

    Here you are again. All messed up and no place to go.”- The grey sweater dude.

    Young, urban and professional spring fashions for the overworked and overambitious men of ‘85 from the March issue of New York Magazine (via). If you happen to dig this stuff, do check out the fall ‘86 suggestions of the NYmag’s editors. 

    yuppie scum monday jay mcinerney 1985 new york magazine fashion spread milstil

  2. 11 Nov

  3. milstil:

    New York Magazine Mens Fashions for fall/winter 1986.

    (via viezevuilevaurien)

    duke of windsor alan flusser duffle coat yuppie new york magazine 1980s tyrone power david niven william holden ernest hemingway sean connery