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    24 Dec

  1. Mon deuxième bureau

    Yuppie scum monday - mon deuxième bureau. Listen to this track while examing this picture for the full retro experience. Black Filofax organizer, black wayfarer style sunglasses and pincollar shirt for extra yuppie points. From L’Officiel Hommes, 1980s.

    double breasted pin collar ray ban wayfarer filofax renault wayfarer milstil

  2. 20 Nov

  3. milstil:

    The kind of ties and lapels I like. Lapel notch of the peak lapel on the chest, not on the shoulder, ‘correct’ button placement, long shoulder line…. American journalist Marquis Childs, 1944.

    (via viezevuilevaurien)

    LIFE archive marquis childs 1944 lapels double breasted peak lapels ties pin collar

  4. 9 Nov

  5. An ode to simplicity III

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: designers and their personal, minimalist tastes. Part III. Three portaits of the American designer Tom Ford. Note the total lack of colour and patterns. Just solids here.

    tom ford pin collar knit tie portait