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    15 Jan

  1. Hot pink

    Obituaries, the new style - perhaps the best Gore Vidal obit I have ‘read’ last year. The portrait of the author in his prime is great, mabye even better than the strong, graphic design that really suits the grand old gentleman of the back door Gore Vidal. There is a superb in-your-face quality about it, and tells you all you need to know. Scanned from Milan Vukmirovic’s L’Officiel Hommes.

    P.S. Check out Vidal’s documentary on ‘his’ city: National Geographic Explorer: Vidal in Venice, 1985 The man really had style. Just a random thought: did Ralph steal the grey-flanel-grey-roll-neck-blazer thing from Gore? Compare this portait of Ralph with this snippet from Gore’s docu. It would not be the first time Mr Lauren ‘borrowed’ a style or a manner of dressing and managed to frame it RL in the head of consumers worldwide.

    gore vidal obituary pink hot pink portait venice milstil

  2. 24 Nov

  3. Lifestyle porn courtesy of the Nederlandse Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, portaits of Prince Bernhard. Click to enlarge.

    prince bernhard portait Boutonnière

  4. 9 Nov

  5. An ode to simplicity III

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: designers and their personal, minimalist tastes. Part III. Three portaits of the American designer Tom Ford. Note the total lack of colour and patterns. Just solids here.

    tom ford pin collar knit tie portait

  6. 9 Nov

  7. Friday casual. French couturier and designer Christian Lacroix wearing two of my favorite pieces of clothing… the dark roll neck sweater and a proper trenchcoat with popped collar. From L’Officiel Hommes, 1987.

    christian lacroix roll neck trenchcoat trench coat portait 1987 l'officiel hommes

  8. 7 Nov

  9. The old skool film star portrait as a fashion photo. Gotta love the dress watch with the modestly sized rectangular case. Print ad for Joseph Abboud, 1989.

    joseph abboud 1989 portait print ad