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    6 Jan

  1. "You look like a retard, [please] excuse me."

    Paul Owen is standing near the bar holding a champagne flute, studying his antique silver pocket watch (from Harnmahcher Schlemmer, no doubt), and I’m about to walk over and mention something about that damned Fisher account when Humphrey Rhinebeck bumps into me trying to avoid stepping on one of the elves and he’s still wearing a cashmere chesterfield overcoat by Crombie from Lord & Taylor, a peak-lapeled double-breasted wool tuxedo, a cotton shirt by Perry Ellis, a bow tie from Hugo Boss and paper antlers in a way that suggests he’s completely unaware, and as if by rote the twerp says, “Hey Bateman, last week I brought a new herringbone tweed jacket to my tailor for alterations.”

    “Well, uh, congratulations seem in order,” I say, shaking his hand. “That’s…nifty.”

    “Thanks.” He blushes, looking down. “Anyway, he noticed that the retailer had removed the original label and replaced it with one of his own. Now what I want to know is, is this legal?”

    “It’s confusing, I know,” I say, still moving through the crowd. “Once a line of clothing has been purchased from its manufacturer, it’s perfectly legal for the retailer to replace the original label with his own. However, it’s not legal to replace it with another retailer’s label.”

    “But wait, why is that?” he asks, trying to sip from his martini glass while attempting to follow me.

    “Because details regarding fiber content and country of origin or the manufacturer’s registration number must remain intact. Label tampering is very hard to detect and rarely reported,” I shout over my shoulder. Courtney is kissing Paul Owen on the cheek, their hands already firmly clasped. I stiffen up and stop walking. Rhinebeck bumps into me. But she moves on, waving to someone across the room.

    “So what’s the best solution?” Rhinebeck calls out behind me.

    “Shop for familiar labels from retailers you know and take those fucking antlers off your head, Rhinebeck. You look like a retard. Excuse me.” I walk off but not before Humphrey reaches up and feels the headpiece. “Oh my god.”

    A print ad for Christian Dior monsieur from 1985, a tweedy picture of Daryl Janney, a popular male model from the eighties (via). And thread from your favourite #menswear message board or is just another excerpt from BEE’s American Psycho? Can you explain the difference to me while I torture your pet to death?

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  2. 24 Dec

  3. Surviving Christmas I

    I cannot give you any tips on to get through the annual calorie onslaught in tacky lighting with annoying relatives the most wonderful season of all. Roll with the punches I guess. Find solace in the fact that - much against everyone’s advice - you choose not look like a fool. But how should you dress so that you can claim you were definitely, positively the best dressed in the room? A getup that gives you the divine right to accidentally set fire to your ironic-ugly-Christmas-sweater-clad hipster cousin? An outfit that signals and suggests that you smarter, richer, more elegant - oh simply better than everyone else present? Suggestion one above: Prince Claus in an outfit reminiscent of that of a certain detective we know from the movies, elbow patches and everything… and his son, the then heir to the throne and current monarch Willem Alexander, 1968. Pictures by Max Koot, from the Fotocollectie RVD/Koninklijk Huis.

    prince claus tweed roll neck corduroy pocket handkerchief ticket pocket milstil

  4. 7 Sep

  5. Because…

    … this is a picture I really like.


    Enzo Cucchi


    enzo cucchi roll neck close up milstil

  6. 15 Jun

  7. Up to his old tricks

    American designer and real life Jay Gatsby, Ralph Lauren showing off one his toys at the Villa d’Este auto show three weeks ago. Billionaires need hobbies and since RL does not sink his fortune into collecting art, he puts into an impressive fleet of true size, antique dinky toys (2,3,4,5). But enough about Ralph’s wheels, this is a highly irrelevant blog about clothes. As usual Ralph dresses sharp, understated and louche all at the same time - a mode of dressing milstil’s Stijlprins Bernhard was alsno known for. (click here for video - zie ‘em pronken!) As a matter of fact Ralph and der Benno share a preference for turtlenecks, bitloafers, aviator (sun)glasses and Ferrari’s. Another remarkable similarity is that both guys are/were in great shape all their life, a product of an acute and all overriding concern over their appearance? A concern that never diminished with age - the mark of the ‘elegant’ man or an elegant illusion conjured up by a quintessential narcissist

    ralph lauren double breasted roll neck sunglasses

  8. 27 Mar

  9. Another Italian dude that dresses better than you

    La bella figura does not lend itself to Pitti-esque frivolity & affectation. Architecture photographer Massimo Listri seems only interested in the classics and his classicist tastes spill over to his dressing sense: he uses shades of blue, beige, white and charcoral grey very effectively, in combination with a minimum of accessoires. Note his cotton belt and his soft tailored blue ‘blazer’. Top-notch.

    massimo listri roll neck belt belts blazer