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    18 Feb

  1. Yuppie scum monday

    Silver tie - white shirt - no yuppie edition: designer Tom Ford wears a knitted silver tie, actor Christopher Plummer a grenadine silver tie and designer Ralph Lauren a plain silk silver tie. The difference is so subtle only the seasoned aesthete will notice the difference, but that is exactly what refined dressing is all about. P.s. that all subjects are wearing suits with wide, peaked lapels and Plummer and Ford are wearing double faced cufflinks - the more elegant, impractical, oldskool (Sloane Ranger - i.e. ‘English prep’- mores dictate double faced links) alternative to the more common toggle closure cufflinks. 

    EDIT: Mmm, perhaps time to implement a comment section for this tumblr…

    Q: Are you sure Christopher Plummer is wearing a grenadine and not an oxford basketweave? If it is indeed grenadine, it must be a garza fina because it’s almost impossible to make out the weave.. and Ralph Lauren I think is wearing a satin tie as most Purple Label ties are… no?

    I think it is a borderline case, but you could be right. And I have no experience with Purple Label ties, so I cannot comment. My obsession with RL is limited to RL’s personal style (he only steals from the best) and the print ads from the 1980s and early 1990s. 

    monochrome white shirt cufflinks ralph lauren tom ford christopher plummer tie ties silver grey

  2. 15 Jan

  3. Fashion genius: knowing when to dust off old ideas about cut and design. Tom Ford never tried to hide the fact he loves all things nineteenseventies, but the number of similarities here is just scary: top two pictures from 2009: model donning a Tom Ford suit, bottom pictures: models wearing Pierre Cardin clothes from 1978.

    tom ford pierre cardin fashion cyclicality 1978 2009 milstil fashion genius

  4. 9 Nov

  5. An ode to simplicity III

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: designers and their personal, minimalist tastes. Part III. Three portaits of the American designer Tom Ford. Note the total lack of colour and patterns. Just solids here.

    tom ford pin collar knit tie portait