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    17 Dec

  1. I do really hate typing and editing posts on a tablet

    So let’s keep this caption short ‘n’ sweet. Two Burberrys’ print ads by Mario Testino from 1998. The good old stuff. Buy yours second hand vintage or new old stock. However getting it as a hand-me-down from papa is better still. You won’t find these babies in the shops anymore. Via, via

    mario testino outerwear rain mac trench coat burberrys' milstil

  2. 27 Jun

  3. Melville’s regulation trench coat

    Uniform, for B/W #menswear antiheroes of all walks of life. Print ad for Jockey-Club Paris, 1987.

    outerwear trench coat 1987 print ad jockey club

  4. 4 Mar

  5. Yuppie scum monday

    The most yuppie coat of them all, the classic Burberry trenchcoat. As worn by eighties action star Dolph Lundgren in 1987.

    burberry trenchcoat trench coat outerwear burberrys yuppie scum monday

  6. 30 Jan

  7. Outerwear in B/W 

    The trench coat as worn by Jude Law, from the Dunhill 2008 print ad campaign

    jude law trenchcoat trench coat outerwear dunhill 2008 milstil

  8. 29 Jan

  9. Trench coat weather

    Tie the trench coat belt into a knot - never use the buckle

    trench coat trenchcoat outerwear milstil