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    26 Sep


    “That tweedy asshole’s staring at me.”

    “Why would he be staring at you?”

    “I don’t know, he probably hates Jews.”

    “Jeremy, you don’t look like a Jew,” I whisper. “Even your mother has her doubts. You look like a goddamn Swede. You look like Thor or Woden, for Christ’s sake. Did you have a Scandinavian milkman when you were growing up?’ Whether or not the man in question, an aging prepster in Harris tweed, had any previous interest in Jeremy, he does turn toward us at this moment, revealing, it seems to me, a face that is more plausibly Semitic than my friend’s.

    “What’s the matter?” Jeremy shouts. “You’ve never seen a Jew with long blond hair?” Holding up a hank of his blond mane. 

    An admirer of the sixties, Jeremy is still fighting the old battles, perhaps because he missed them at the time. Like the priest of a lost religion, herails against the corruption of a society in which the Beatles’ “Revolution” is used to sell sneakers.

    “Is Lehmann-Haupt Jewish?” Jeremey ask.

    "Actually" I say, "I have no idea."

    Tweedy assholes and tweed douchebags, it’s fall baby and they are back. From Jay McInerney’s Model Behavior, pictures The Big Picture and The Hands shot in France 2002 by photographer Tina Barney for her The Europeans project. The result of her grand tour of Europe between 1996 and 2004 when she traveled to Austria, Italy, England, Spain, France and Germany, photographing folks who earlier would have commissioned painted portraits of themselves. 

    (Source: alwaysoutnumberedneveroutgunned)

    tweed tina barney the europeans 2002

  2. 23 Jun

  3. Creased denim (&tweed)

    Still favoured by Asian and African hotel laundry services, but also by ageing aristo’s and avvocati. Portrait of David Somerset at Badminton by Derry Moore. Brought to you in Warholian repetition

    david somerset denim tweed agnellism derry moore

  4. 29 Apr

  5. White office design ideas

    Add a black element for contrast and a touch of whimsy. The lounge area of the office of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, chairman of the organizing committee for the 1990 World Cup Italia.


    Vintage LCdM. Luca is pleased to let you know his guide to politically incorrect power office decorating will be published before the end of this year. Picture by Mauro Galligani, 1990. And from the II&IS archive: same outfit/ grey glenplaid tweed with yellow overcheck seen here, though the blackamoor seems to missing


    politically incorrect power office design luca cordero di montezemolo 1990 tweed

  6. 8 Mar

  7. Some change is good, no change is better(?)

    A picture of an old dude so crippled he uses not one but two walking sticks and a stuffy conserative adagium (supposedly English)… now the reader may think: why care, why bore us, Why give a fuck? Well, because it provides me with the opportunity to plug link back to my own posts. And y’all know self reverence uh, self reference is what I am all about. So allow me to crowbar in the first plug while you, behind your desktop, laptop or tablet* study this picture and mentally undress this geriatric cripple (seek help, you sexual deviant) by stripping him of his frumpy country field coat and tweed flat cap. Now imagine him thirty~forty years younger, you got the image? Does it resemble anything as glorious as this (plug #1)? That’s right folks, that is what consistency in dress looks like, the English two button tweed jacket with lapped seems, navy crew neck sweater and most remarkably, the signature pseudo-nonchalant collar style (plug #2), have not changed one iota. It’s a shame there aren’t more pictures of David Somerset (plug #3) around, because I get the feeling we are duly missing out on some serious #menswear greatness. Also the particulary strong same-old-shit-is-the-same factor strenghtens my sneaking suspicion that in classic menswear the only ‘way forward’ is the way back (plug #4) via what is known on the internets as old-man style (plug #5). Oh yeah, and autisticly and apathetically ignoring the rest. I believe that in management speak this is referred to as ‘focus’. 

    Mmm, 5 linkjes op maar 257 woorden, niet slecht, zeker niet slecht. Wat betreft de onontbeerlijke blogger eigenpijperij scoor ik een ruime voldoende, al zeg ik het zelf.  

    *If you read this on your smartphone, well, then go fuck yourself please reconsider, I actually make a conscious effort to always post big pictures. And as a last word on change or the lack thereof: if you must change, better disguise it as ‘a mean to guarantee continuity’, for instance when you decide to sell old clothes ‘because fashion changed your timeless style changed’ or in any other situation in which personal dogmas and infallible beliefs turn out to be erroneous.

    david somerset duke of beaufort tweed change the art of the plug consistency in dress country dress layering old man style milstil

  8. 27 Feb

  9. Lazy and work-shy in general V

    More of the same, different angles, different crew. II&IS April, 2012.


    Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti likes wildlife photography. II

    ferdinando brachetti peretti tweed glencheck sweater layering milstil