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    11 Feb

  1. Yuppie scum monday

    Donegal double breasted suit by Ungaro, print ad from 1986. Generally I don’t mind some (shoulder) padding, city suits and dinner jackets tend to look better with ‘clean’ shoulders and chest (result of padding*), but this is exaggerating a bit. Fashion, like interest rates, tends to overshoot its goal and hit extremes, keep your eyes open, ignore short term trends and ‘invest’ based on long term trends…

    * ‘strak in het pak’ weetjewel…

    yuppie yuppie scum monday ungaro 1986 print ad padding fashion interest rates milstil

  2. 21 Jan

  3. Yuppie scum monday

    Boring banker gear by Christian Dior monsieur from 1982. Note the strong, pagoda style shoulders of the suit jacket and the clean chest, result of heavy padding. This is all before Giorgio Armani made the loose ‘drape’ look mainstream in men’s fashion. 

    christian dior christian dior monsieur 1982 yuppie yuppie scum monday pagoda shoulders print ad milstil

  4. 24 Dec

  5. Kaschmir, Kaviar und Karriere

    Yuppie scum monday. Kaschmir, Kaviar und Karriere - Über das Lebensgefühl der Yuppies. Great effort by the German ZDF from 1987, capturing the Zeitgeist, the voice over complementing the images and interviews has a great sense of irony. Well worth watching. P.S. for all the #menswear weirdos that only care about #menswear: there are appearences by the twenty something siblings Peter Eduard and Brigitte Meier who currently run the 400 year old Munich institution Ed-Meier.

    ed-meier yuppie yuppie scum monday zdf kaschmir kaviar und karriere milstil

  6. 24 Dec

  7. Shades of grey

    Yuppie scum monday - the day before christmas. Oh wait, careerist pig dogma: holidays, like lunch, are for wimps. 10 shades of dark and lighter grey and one lonely yellowish tone (peccary gloves?) from L’Officiel Hommes, 1985. 

    1985 double breasted l'officiel hommes outerwear yuppie yuppie scum monday gloves

  8. 11 Dec

  9. Print ad for Hermès from 1978, one the few big luxury houses I actually like, I have a particular softspot for the more subtly patterned ‘power ties’, the kind of tie that used to be the quintessential $100 yuppie gift in the much maligned 1980s. I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right… someone, please help me? Click to enlarge.

    1978 gloves hermès print ad ties tweed yuppie houndstooth milstil